Coffee Fundraising Program

A unique fundraising idea for your team, school, club, or organization

Our fundraising program is a unique way to raise money for your sports team, school, church, club, or any other organization. We offer our high-quality, specialty-grade coffee at a great price, creating a lineup of products that your supporters will love.

Program Features

Custom Bags

Each bag will feature your logo and color scheme. A truly personalized experience!

Fast Delivery

Orders are turned around quickly and can be sent directly to your supporters or to a central coordinator to distribute.

No Startup Costs

There is no cost to get started! We handle all the logistics, and you keep a share of the profits for each bag sold.

Dedicated Support

Our team will be available to answer any questions you may have during before, during, and after your fundraiser.

High Quality Product

Our specialty-grade, roast-to-order coffee beans are a unique product that your supporters will love.

Get Started Easily

Getting started is quick and easy. We will provide you with order forms, pricing, and details.

Program Details

We’ve streamlined the fundraising process, allowing you to focus on taking orders and raising money for your cause.

We provide you the resources needed to sell your custom designed specialty coffee beans and you’ll keep a share of the profit for each bag sold.

How Does It Work?

  • You give us details about your fundraiser including how many participants you have, your goals, expected sales, etc.
  • We work with you to design your custom bags.
  • We’ll send you order forms to print and use to collect orders.
  • You distribute the order forms to your participants and kick off your fundraiser. We recommend keeping sales open for 3 weeks.
  • You collect order forms and payments from your participants.
  • You share your order details with us and place the order. Depending on your order size, you can qualify for reduced rates. You keep the profit!
  • Each bag will be freshly roasted and packed in your custom bag. We will then ship the orders directly to you (at no cost!) to distribute to your supporters!

Get Started

Please submit the form below to learn more about our coffee fundraiser program.